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Welcome to Gojiratheking's Internet Lounge!

Welcome to Gojiratheking's Internet Lounge!

Hello There, Fellow Wikian! This is My Personal Space where I post blogs about My status online, mainly about technology itself and films. You will also find articles related to My Youtube/Vidlii Videos, Deviantart Submissions and more! I'll also be using it to post ideas I have for fan-made media and the like. It also serves as sort of A Online Lounge/Forum so you can talk about your favorite things, talk with online friends and have A Good Time. You can even make your own blogs on the site! We've got several things:
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For news updates about the wiki content and Polls, see Community Corner. Currently, You are viewing the Main Page, where all users go to when they type in just the URL of this site (gojiratheking-blog.fandom.com) or click on the logo, aswell as being where this wiki's community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the Discuss tab above, next to the "Community Tab" in the Top Navigational Area. Make Sure to read our Policy before editing! ~Run, It's Gojira! | Skreeonk! 



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Gojiratheking Gojiratheking 21 July 2019

Claiming and Creating Characters - A Note

So, I've noticed many people claim characters as their own for their fanon stories, while some say it's "Used by them" I've also seen many claim they…

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Gojiratheking Gojiratheking 20 July 2019

Update - Why I've not been uploading much lately on Vidlii and Youtube

Hello Guys, Gojira here. I've not uploaded much on YouTube and Vidlii lately, and there's several reasons for that.

To Begin, I've pretty much lost th…

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Gojiratheking Gojiratheking 3 July 2019

Word 95 and 97 "Review"

Microsoft Word 95 (and 97 but fuck that shit) are word processors (wait did they seriously call it word because it processes words?)  mainly designed…

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Gojiratheking Gojiratheking 1 July 2019

Cool Linkz

A Place where I showcase sites I find interesting, or like. Some are inspirations for this one, even. Blog Will be updated time to time.

  • 1 Johnosfirewa…

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